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What is the difference between potting and sealant? Is it the same product?


Many customers have heard of potting adhesives and sealants, but do not know if they are the same product, let alone what the main difference between the two is. They are two different products, but some of the differences are not easy to spot.


Different flowability

The potting adhesive exists in a liquid state before curing, its viscosity is not high and its fluidity is good. It can penetrate directly into all gaps and play a role in filling and potting. The sealant is not easy to flow and can be changed according to the shape of the sealing surface.


Different sealing objects

The potting adhesive is mostly used to seal and protect electronic components, circuit boards, etc. The sealant can be used in daily life to play the role of bonding and sealing.


Specific properties differ

When successfully cured, the sealant is waterproof, leak-proof, heat-insulating, sound-proof, and vibration-proof. In comparison, the performance of potting glue is more, which can effectively prevent moisture, dust, high and low temperature, corrosion, heat conduction, and insulation. To use quality products, cooperation with powerful suppliers is more assured. Not only can focus on potting adhesive research, but also provide customized potting adhesive application solutions, which are widely used and can be used in new energy, military industry, medical care, aviation, ships, electronics, automobiles, instruments, power supplies, high-speed rail, and other industries.


Can potting and sealant be mixed?

For industries with low requirements for adhesives, you can buy potting glue or sealant. Both have some similar properties that can play out. If the requirements for certain performance are high, you need to purchase them in a targeted manner.


Before purchasing an adhesive, you should understand your specific needs in detail. Figure out what properties you want your adhesive to perform before you consider buying a potting or sealant. Moreover, the two types of adhesives are divided into epoxy resin adhesives, silicone adhesives, polyurethane adhesives, etc. Different types of products are suitable for different working environments. Choose carefully to get the best results.

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