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  • Many people are no longer unfamiliar with thermal grease, because thermal grease, as a material with thermal conductivity, plays a very important role in people's lives. At the same time, due to the strong operability when using thermal grease, ordinary people can easily operate it after reading the method of use, so thermal grease has become an increasingly common product in people's lives.


  • Although there is only one word difference between thermally conductive silicone grease and thermally conductive silicone, their functional characteristics are very different. Silica gel is a one-component dealcoholized room temperature curing silicone rubber, which has the functions of cooling and bonding electronic devices. Let's take a look at the difference between thermally conductive silicone grease and thermally conductive silicone!


  • It is not easy to choose a suitable electronic potting compound. Blind purchase may face various problems in later use. Experienced users have summed up a set of purchasing strategies, starting from all aspects of the adhesive properties, and easily select durable and easy-to-use products.


  • Compared with ordinary potting glue, transparent potting glue has more clear characteristics, so it is used in more scopes. However, when purchasing transparent potting adhesives, you should not be negligent. You should pay attention to the following three purchasing principles before you can buy products that are truly suitable for manufacturers and improve production efficiency.


  • As products in the electronic industry become more and more sophisticated, components become smaller in size, and PCB boards and products are diversified, some electronic accessories have emerged on the "stage" of the electronic industry, among which solder paste and SMT red Glue is an indispensable material in the electronics industry. What is the difference between these two products?


  • What is the cause of caking of silicone encapsulant during application? What is the difference between the agglomeration of the two-component silicone potting compound and the precipitation? Today, I will explain to you the following