Exhibition information

  • As a leader in the adhesive industry, we are honored to announce that we will participate in the 135th Canton Fair and bring our latest research and development products to the stage. At this exhibition, we will showcase the most advanced technological achievements and the highest quality products, and look forward to in-depth exchanges and cooperative development with customers from all walks of life.


  • Today is the first day of the 18th Vietnam International Chemical Industry Exhibition. As a representative of an adhesive company, TENSAN is very honored to participate in this event. This exhibition provides us with an excellent platform to showcase our products, communicate with peers around the world, and understand the latest trends in the industry. It also opens up new market opportunities for us.


  • Today is the first day of the VIAF exhibition in Vietnam. Our booth will be a beautiful scenery at the exhibition site. Here you will have the opportunity to learn more about our TENSAN products and how we can meet your needs through innovation and expertise.


  • The Vietnam International Industrial Exhibition is a grand event focusing on machinery, electronics, chemicals, hardware and other industries. As an important part of the global supply chain, the Vietnamese market has a growing demand for adhesives and hardware accessories. As a professional supplier of adhesives and hardware accessories, TENSAN will bring the latest products and technologies to Vietnam to participate in the 29th International Industrial Exhibition to showcase our products and technical strength.


  • From September 6th to 8th, 2023, NEPCON Vietnam 2023 with the theme of "Focusing on new trends in the electronics field and the future of the global supply chain" was held at the Hanoi International Exhibition Center. In this exhibition, TESAN appeared with a strong lineup, showing its innovative achievements and leading technologies in the electronic field to the audience.


  • In order to further develop the international market, SHENZHEN TENSAN CO.,LTD and TENSAN VIETNAM CO.,LTD will join hands to participate in the 2023 Vietnam Hanoi Electronic Production Equipment Exhibition. NEPCON Vietnam 2023 focuses on the innovative concept of "Emerging Trends In Electronics-The Future Of Global Supply Chains". The exhibition will bring together 300 brands and enterprises to display - SMT, testing technology, equipment, supporting industries, intelligent manufacturing and other related fields will also be exhibited. As the most influential and only electronics trade show in Vietnam, this exhibition will surely provide us with unlimited business opportunities and partners. TENSAN mainly produces and sells organic silicone sealant, silicone grease, red glue and solder paste, and provides high-quality products and solutions for the global electronics industry.


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