Industry dynamic

  • Thermal grease is an important heat dissipation material that plays an indispensable role in various electronic devices. By correctly using thermal grease, we can better utilize its heat dissipation performance, thereby improving the stability and safety of the device.


  • As an important driving force for today's social progress and economic development, the electronics industry has become a key development industry in many countries in the future. At present, electronic products are becoming more and more lightweight, multi-functional and high-performance. As an important auxiliary material for electronic products, adhesives are widely used. In addition to traditional sealing, bonding, potting and coating functions, adhesives also have special functionalities, such as electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, insulation, dielectric properties, waterproof and dustproof properties, corrosion resistance, and flame retardancy. properties and optics, etc.


  • The functions of silicone adhesive mainly include bonding, fixing, filling, sealing and other applications between materials, and most applications that have special requirements on the surface after curing are filling and protection, and the general requirement is smoothness. For example, in the lighting industry, if the surface is If it is not flat, the light generated will change, so what happens to the uneven surface after the silicone adhesive is cured? What are the reasons for this problem?


  • The curing time of silicone sealant refers to the time required from the completion of application of the sealant to the time required to achieve the predetermined strength and stability. The length of the cure time is affected by a variety of factors, including ambient temperature, humidity, substrate surface condition, and the composition of the sealant itself.


  • UV glue, also known as shadowless glue, photosensitive glue, and UV-curable glue, is an adhesive that is cured by ultraviolet light. UV is the abbreviation of Ultraviolet Rays in English. It is invisible to the naked eye and is a section of electromagnetic radiation outside of visible light with a wavelength between 10 and 400nm. The principle of UV glue curing is to use the photoinitiator in the UV curing material to absorb ultraviolet light under ultraviolet irradiation and generate active free radicals or cations, which triggers monomer polymerization and cross-linking chemical reactions, so that the adhesive can be Liquid state is converted into solid state.