Solder Paste

Shenzhen Tensan is a professional manufactures of Solder Paste. There may be a lot of Solder Paste manufacturers out there, but not all Solder Paste manufacturers are alike.Our professional expertise in manufacturing Solder Paste has been honed over the past 10+ years.

Superior Flux offers a full range of solder pastes for SMT reflow applications, including: conventional and low-residue No-Clean, water-soluble (including a water-soluble RMA), and low temperature formulations. Superior solder pastes, which are halide/halogen-free formulations, are designed for lead-bearing, lead-free, and low temperature alloys.

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  • Solder Paste QFN350 is a zero-halogen, lead-free, water-soluble solder paste formula for both nitrogen and air reflow applications. QFN350 provides a combination of consistent print performance at wide humidity levels, excellent solderability and ease of cleaning, while maintaining a zero-halogen flux formulation.

  • China Solder Paste JZ505 is a lead-free, no clear solder paste designed for a broad range of application. JZ-505’S broad processing window is designed to minimize transition concerns from tin/lead to lead free solder process. It can yield brick -like prints.

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