Liquid silica gel

Shenzhen Tensan is a professional manufactures of Liquid silica gel. There may be a lot of Liquid silica gel manufacturers out there, but not all Liquid silica gel manufacturers are alike.Our professional expertise in manufacturing Liquid silica gel has been honed over the past 10+ years.

Liquid silica gel is also called liquid silica gel. Liquid silica gel is relative to solid high-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber. It is a liquid rubber with good fluidity, fast vulcanization, safer and more environmentally friendly, and can fully meet food-grade requirements. According to the position of the functional groups (ie crosslinking points) contained in the molecular structure, liquid rubbers with functional groups are often divided into two categories: one is telechelic liquid rubber with functional groups at both ends of the molecular structure; the other is Active functional groups are randomly distributed in the main chain, that is, those with functional groups in the molecular structure are called non-telechelic liquid rubber.

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