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6 advantages of electronic potting adhesive


How to buy electronic potting adhesives? Before buying, you need to understand its basic parameters and use scenarios. Electronic potting adhesive is a two-component additive liquid silicone rubber designed for electronic and electrical components and electrical components potting and sealing.


1. good sealing, glue potting after electronic components, cured to form an elastic protective layer, can be good protection from moisture, moisture, dust erosion.

2. Good thermal conductivity with low thermal resistance and, when properly handled and fully cured, good thermal conductivity. It is able to dissipate the heat generated by the work of the appliance, allowing it to be used properly in a temperature appropriate environment.

3. The excellent corrosion resistance prevents corrosive substances from attacking the protected object and prolongs its service life. It is also safe and environmentally friendly as it is not corrosive to anything around it.

4. Excellent temperature resistance, it can work stably in an environment from -60 to 220°C. Working in a low temperature environment, it will not easily become brittle or break. In a high temperature environment, it will not be easily affected by high temperatures and will not melt.

5. Good resistance to pressure, the fully cured adhesive layer has a certain degree of elasticity, can resist the external stress without being destroyed, and can be used for a long time.

6. Small viscosity, good fluidity, can directly penetrate the bottom layer and electronic components bonded together, filling the gap between the components and the circuit in place, can avoid accidents between the two.


What areas can electronic potting adhesives be used in? In addition to the waterproof and moisture-proof encapsulation of most electronic components, it can also be used in the encapsulation of flame-retardant electronic products. Electronic potting adhesive characteristics we all understand, in the choice of quality adhesive manufacturers, to select a strong supply manufacturers, TENSAN potting adhesive focused on silicone electronic potting adhesive R & D custom, has been used in the electronic packaging technology industry for many years, highly recognized by partners.


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