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What are the factors that affect the fluidity of silicone encapsulant?


The fluidity of the silicone potting adhesives can be tested by the glue at a specific temperature before use, and it can also be characterized by simulating the penetration speed. The use process can be characterized by the curing and thickening phenomenon of the adhesive, that is, the operating time. I will share with you in detail the factors related to the fluidity of silicone potting adhesives through these aspects.


1. Viscosity

The viscosity of the silicone potting adhesive can reflect the thinness of the fluidity. In the process of application of silicone encapsulant, when good permeability and fast leveling are required, users generally pay attention to the viscosity of the product first, because the lower the viscosity, the better the fluidity, and permeability and leveling effect. It is necessary to avoid the phenomenon of glue overflow and glue dripping during the gluing process, users generally choose products with a slightly higher viscosity. It is also because the viscosity is high, and the glue collection and flow resistance are better, so the viscosity is the fluidity of the silicone potting glue is one of the influencing factors of good and bad.


2. Operation time

Silicone potting glue curing process, there are several key reaction times. If the user does not understand it properly, it may have a certain impact on the product operation and product performance when using it. Such as one of the operating times, for the operation of a short time the glue, should be used as soon as possible for the product. Because the operation time is short, the further back the mixed glue is, the worse the fluidity will be, which will cause the uneven surface of the colloid after curing or the phenomenon of insufficient flow and lack of glue. So the impact of silicone potting glue liquidity factors, operating time is also one of them.


3. Thixotropy

The thixotropy of silicone potting glue refers to the phenomenon that the glue changes from thick to thin with the stirring action when it is stirred by an external force and returns to the original consistency when the stirring action is stopped. Generally, the thixotropy of silicone potting glue is almost zero, it will not affect the fluidity of the glue, so when the user uses the silicone potting glue, it is found that the fluidity is not good when the glue is mixed and used, so it can be considered that the thixotropy of the glue is biased caused by large.


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