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How does the electronic potting ab adhesive cure? What are the steps for proper pouring?


If you want to make electronic potting ab adhesive perform in a variety of ways, you need to understand the pouring and curing techniques. The inadvertent operation can waste material and affect performance. To avoid these problems, it is recommended that operators learn more and master various tips.

How is the electronic potting ab glue cured?

1. Accurately weigh the AB agent and prepare it according to the scientific proportion. After the preparation is successful, use a clean stirring rod to mix evenly.

2. During the pouring process, it is necessary to strictly control the temperature. Due to the different seasons, the curing time is longer or shorter. For example, the curing time is shorter in summer and will be extended in winter.

3. In order to ensure the curing effect, it is necessary to master the correct operation technology, and various details cannot be ignored.

What are the correct pouring steps for electronic potting ab glue?

1. Do a good job of cleaning, clean the dust, corrosive substances, and moisture on the base surface, and keep it dry and tidy.

2. Do a good job of preheating, you can properly preheat the bonding object to improve the curing effect.

3. Do a good job of mixing. After weighing, stir in the same direction, try not to bring in air.

4. Do a good job of defoaming. Leave it for five to ten minutes, and the small air bubbles can be discharged by themselves. If large air bubbles cannot be discharged, vacuum equipment can be used.

Is it difficult to choose an electronic potting ab adhesive?

Electronic potting ab glue has a wide range of uses. In the purchase process, factors such as quality, performance, advantages, price, and service should be comprehensively considered, and a partner with higher cost performance should be selected. Cooperate with powerful suppliers, and feel more assured, such as TENSAN, which has been focusing on electronic potting ab glue for many years and can also provide customized electronic potting and sealing ab glue application solutions, which are widely used and can be used in new energy, military, medical, Aviation, ships, electronics, automobiles, instruments, power supplies, high-speed rail, and other industries.

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