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What factors are related to the deep curing of silicone adhesive


Silicone adhesive is used in electronic products to seal, fix, fill, etc., but it is necessary to play its role in the performance of the colloid must be fully cured, need to ensure that silicone adhesive is fully cured, then in the deep curing process needs to avoid some factors. I will tell you about the factors that affect the deep curing of the adhesive.


1.     Sizing humidity

Here silicone adhesive glue is a one-component condensation type of silicone adhesive glue. Its solidification process is subject to condensation reaction with moisture in the air, if the lack of moisture or low moisture, all can lead to condensation reaction speed slow, lead to can't require curing time. For example, in 55% humidity, 24 h deep 4-5 mm is the thickness of solidified. Since the humidity in the field environment is only 30%, the curing depth will not reach 4-5mm. If the required sizing thickness is 4mm, it will not lead to preliminary molding.


2.     Sizing thickness

The curing process of silicone one-component adhesive needs to go through several stages of surface drying, skinning, deep curing, initial overall curing, and complete curing. Under the same environmental conditions, the thickness of the glue is thicker, the curing phase completion time is longer, deep curing mainly takes time, the more thick, the harder it is for the internal liquid glue to contact the air, curing duration will be extended. Therefore, the same type of product, the same environment, different sizing thickness, the required curing time are also different.


3.     Sizing performance

Colloid performance, what we want to explain here is the curing speed or strength. Generally, the faster the surface drying speed, the stronger the curing strength of the adhesive, the overall curing speed will be relatively fast. When choosing a fast-curing silicone adhesive, you can be based on the dry time and skin time for reference selection.


Therefore, it is very important to understand the significance of deep curing of silicone one-component adhesives, which can avoid and prevent the phenomenon that the internal colloid does not cure when the product reaches the end customer.


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