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Is the operation process of silicone rubber adhesives complicated? What should be paid attention to?


When using silicone rubber adhesives, what should be done so as not to cause waste? To solve this problem, we must master the correct operation process and proceed step by step to reduce waste.


What is the operating process of silicone rubber adhesives?

1. Process the skeleton. The effect of the treatment directly affects the bonding performance of the adhesive. Clean up oil and dust as much as possible, and use professional cleaning agents such as acetone if necessary.

2. Glue. For small-sized bonding objects, two times of dipping can be performed for two minutes each. For large bonding objects, brushing as well as spraying can be used. Apply finely and evenly by brushing and cure at ambient temperature.

3. Dry. It can be placed at room temperature for half to an hour, or at a high temperature of 50-80 degrees for fifteen to half an hour.

4. Vulcanization. Different temperatures have different curing times. At 160 degrees, it takes about fifteen to twenty minutes.

5. Adjust the formula. Depending on the use environment, the viscosity can be appropriately increased or the activity of the coupling agent can be increased.

What should I pay attention to when using it?

1. Keep the silicone rubber adhesive in an environment below 25 degrees and refrigerate it to avoid deterioration of the adhesive and effectively prolong the use time. Cooperate with powerful suppliers to be more assured, such as TENSAN, which focuses on silicone rubber adhesive research and provides customized silicone rubber adhesive application solutions, which are widely used and can be used in new energy, military, medical, aviation, ships, electronics, automobiles, instruments, power supplies, high-speed rail, and other industries.

2. The adhesive contains organic solution, can not contact with open flame, keep ventilation.

3. After use, seal it immediately to avoid volatilization.

4. The shelf life is one year. After the expiration date, you can take a small test, and you can continue to use it without any qualitative change.

During the gluing process, a small tool is required. After using it, put it in a special cleaning agent to clean it without delaying reuse. If you throw it away directly, it will increase the cost and it is not worthwhile.

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