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What are the reasons for the caking of silicone potting compounds?


What is the cause of caking of silicone encapsulant during application? What is the difference between the agglomeration of the two-component silicone potting compound and the precipitation? Today, I will explain to you the following.

1. Production

During the storage process of silicone potting compounds, powder sedimentation is a common and common phenomenon, but the sedimentation can be divided into serious and slight. The key lies in whether the production dispersion is uniform and whether the dispersion time is sufficient. These two aspects directly lead to The factor of the sedimentation speed of the silicone potting compound, the faster the sedimentation, the easier the bottom powder is to agglomerate. A lump with a certain hardness. Therefore, if the powder is not dispersed well in the production process, it is a potential factor that causes the agglomeration of the silicone potting compound.

2. Application

The silicone potting compound disperses, mixes and packs the raw materials through a special dynamic stirring process. During the storage process, the powder will begin to settle with the extension of the storage time. The user does not mix the components sufficiently and evenly before use. , In particular, the bottom part of the barrel is not evenly stirred with the upper layer, and it will become more and more serious after a long time, and agglomeration will occur. It is recommended to stock up according to the amount to prevent long-term storage and sedimentation, which will cause agglomeration and affect the application performance of the product.

3. Materials

The material pointed out here refers to the filler in the silicone potting compound, which is also powder. If some manufacturers' powder is damp in storage, although the production process is fully stirred and dispersed, the damp filler is still easy to agglomerate. Blocks are formed. In addition, some manufacturers do not have particle size detection methods for powder materials. If the particle size batches of powder materials are different in size, severe sedimentation is likely to occur, and agglomeration may also occur, which is difficult to re-disperse, resulting in differences in application performance.

Today, from a product quality control plan, I shared what causes the silicone potting compound to agglomerate if there is agglomeration. In fact, to prevent agglomeration, we must first prevent serious problems of settlement, so the analysis was carried out from the aspects of raw material testing, production control and application requirements. It is recommended that all users who choose a manufacturer must choose a supplier with a sound testing system and quality control system, and the products and after-sales service are more guaranteed.

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