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How to choose the right electronic potting compound? Which properties should not be ignored?


It is not easy to choose a suitable electronic potting compound. Blind purchase may face various problems in later use. Experienced users have summed up a set of purchasing strategies, starting from all aspects of the adhesive properties, and easily select durable and easy-to-use products.

Adhesion is important

For an electronic potting compound, self-adhesion is very important. Generally speaking, the adhesion of condensation products is better than that of addition products, and can be bonded with different materials, which is firm and durable.

Flame retardancy is important

For addition type and condensation type adhesives, the flame retardant properties of addition type products are more advantageous.

Water resistance is important

Generally speaking, the adhesion of electronic potting glue is good, indicating that the waterproof effect is very good. Firmly bonded with components, it can naturally block the entry of moisture such as water vapor and moisture, and prevent components from being affected. Choose big brand products and use them with confidence, such as: TENSAN, not only can focus on electronic potting glue research, but also provide customized electronic potting glue application solutions, which are widely used in new energy, military, medical, aviation, Ships, electronics, automobiles, instruments, power supplies, high-speed rail and other industries.

Hardness is important

Some industries have requirements on the hardness of electronic potting compounds, and there is no worries about using them. When selecting, you may wish to understand the hardness of the adhesive, or slightly change the ratio in the later deployment.

Cure speed is important

Different types and brands of electronic potting glue have different curing speeds. Most adhesives can be cured by elevated temperature, and can work in an environment of minus 50 degrees to 250 degrees after successful curing.

This is the main method for selecting electronic potting adhesives. In addition to focusing on properties such as flame retardancy, adhesion, water resistance and curing speed, attention should also be paid to the thermal conductivity and service life of the adhesive. It is not necessary to put price in an important position, and pay more attention to the performance of various performances. Strive to choose a good and cheap adhesive, which is convenient for long-term use.

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