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Types and characteristics of silicone potting compounds


Silicone potting glue can be divided into two types: condensation type two-component potting glue and addition type two-component potting glue. The proportion of the potting glue is 1:1, and it can be cured at room temperature or heated. Let's analyze the respective characteristics of the two types of silicone potting compounds.

Features of condensation type potting compound:

1. Good adhesion and fluidity. The matching ratio is 10:1, and the matching requirements are more precise.

2. The shrinkage rate is small during the curing process, and it has excellent waterproof and moisture-proof performance.

3. It is cured at room temperature, with good natural foam release and easy operation.

4. The thermal conductivity and flame retardant properties are not as good as those of the addition type silicone potting compound.

Features of addition type potting compound:

1. After the glue is cured, the colloid is resistant to aging, acid and alkali, non-toxic and non-polluting, high insulation and easy to repair.

2. The cured colloid has high and low temperature resistance, good thermal conductivity, excellent flame retardant performance, and good shock-proof and shock-absorbing effects.

3. There are no by-products, no pollutants, no shrinkage, and no stress during the curing process of the glue.

4. The glue curing method can be cured at room temperature or heated, and the curing time can be flexibly operated.

5. The ratio of glue and glue is 1:1, and the ratio is loose and convenient. After the glue is cured, the waterproof effect is excellent.

6. The addition type silicone potting compound has a longer shelf life and can be used within one year.

Silicone potting compounds are widely used in potting and sealing of power electronic components with flame retardant and thermal conductivity requirements, and can also be used for high-voltage potting of components; potting and waterproofing of power batteries for new energy electric vehicles Heat conduction potting of power supply, lightning protection module, potting of HID; potting of heating electronic components under working conditions, such as converters, inverters, sensors, electronic control units, etc.; precision mechanical parts, instrumentation parts Anti-vibration protection, potting protection of small electrical appliances; high temperature, thermal conductivity, flame retardant potting and sealing of small household appliances and household appliance control panels.

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