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What is the correct ratio of electronic potting glue? How to avoid the phenomenon of reduction?


Before using electronic potting glue, you should have a detailed understanding of it. Learn how to make the correct ratio, understand why the reduction phenomenon occurs, and how to solve this phenomenon. Clarify all kinds of problems, so as to play a greater value.

What is the correct ratio of electronic potting glue?

Electronic potting adhesive is composed of main agent and curing agent, the amount of both is closely related to the temperature and humidity of the environment. When the curing agent is increased, the curing speed is increased. On the contrary, reducing the amount of curing agent will slow down the curing speed. Generally speaking, the main agent and curing agent should be proportioned according to the weight ratio, and mixed evenly after accurate weighing.

Why does restoration happen?

The adhesive contains a catalyst that is prone to hydrolysis. Once encountering a high temperature, humid and airtight environment, the reduction phenomenon will occur. The occurrence of this phenomenon has nothing to do with the quality of the adhesive, but it is necessary to cooperate with a strong supplier, so it is more assured. It can not only focus on the research of electronic potting adhesives, but also provide customized solutions for the application of electronic potting adhesives, with a wide range of uses , Can be used in new energy, military industry, medical treatment, aviation, shipbuilding, electronics, automobiles, instruments, power supplies, high-speed rail and other industries.

How to avoid the occurrence of recovery phenomenon?

1. After the curing is completed, place the bonded object for a period of time to automatically remove small molecule products.

2. Add fast curing agent to speed up the curing and removal of small molecules.

3. Avoid adding too much curing agent, just adjust according to the normal ratio.

What should I do if the main agent settles?

When the material is left for a long time, agent A may settle. If it is not stirred evenly, there will be a gray or brittle substance, which cannot be used normally. Stir Agent A separately before use, and it can be used normally after stirring up and down.

In the process of using electronic potting glue, more problems may be encountered. Make preparations in advance, mix and stir according to scientific proportions, and then you can use it with confidence without too much worry.

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