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Why are electronic sealants prone to air bubbles? How to solve the appearance of air bubbles?


When using electronic sealants, it is possible to encounter the problem of air bubbles. This is a more complex problem that is less easy to solve away. It is important to understand the possible causes of air bubbles, to eliminate them as much as possible and to perform properly.

Insufficiently detailed glue injection, leading to air entry

Some construction conditions are so harsh that workers are unable to work evenly, resulting in air entering the gaps. Regardless of the type of electronic sealant chosen, it is important to apply the glue evenly to prevent air from entering. Try using a bottom-up method to avoid air bubbles.

Excessive moisture at the interface of the object

When applying glue outdoors, there is a risk of rainfall which can cause the joints to become too wet. When pouring before the interface has dried, there is a greater chance of air bubbles appearing. When the moisture slowly evaporates, it will bulge the adhesive layer that has not fully cured and affect the performance. To avoid this, it is advisable to wait until the moisture inside the object has evaporated before pouring to avoid excessive bubbles.

Problems with the quality of the adhesive

Some users find that all the operational processes are fine, but why do bubbles still appear? The reason for this is that the quality of the adhesive has a lot to do with it. Choose quality adhesives and cooperate with competent suppliers, more assured, not only can focus on electronic sealant research, but also can provide customized electronic sealant application solutions, a wide range of uses, can be applied to new energy, military, medical, aviation, shipping, electronics, automotive, instruments, power, high-speed rail and other industry sectors.

Incorrect storage methods

Electronic sealants should be stored in a clean, cool and well-ventilated environment to maximise shelf life. When stored in an improper manner, normal use may be affected.

When using electronic sealants, air bubbles are inevitable. Prevent them in advance by purchasing a good quality adhesive and following the correct process for pouring. After the regular pouring process, the bubbles will be minimised and the curing will be smooth.

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