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Is the difference between insulating silicone grease and ordinary thermal grease only in insulation?


Is the difference between insulating and thermal silicone grease and ordinary thermal grease only in insulation? In fact, it is more than that. In the use of thermal grease, the application scenarios are also very different according to the performance.

Moreover, ordinary thermal grease also has insulating properties when used, but the insulating properties are generally relatively low, and it cannot be used in some special electrical appliances that require relatively high insulating properties.

The raw materials of insulating and heat-conducting silicone grease are similar to ordinary heat-conducting silicone grease, the only difference is that raw materials with better insulation performance are added to make the insulation performance of the silicone grease more prominent.

In the application scenarios, products with better insulation performance are mostly used in underwater electrical appliances, oil field electrical appliances and other products. Such products have relatively high insulation requirements, and they just meet the requirements.

Ordinary thermal grease is used in a wider range, not only in ordinary household appliances, but also in the manufacture of industrial appliances.

The price of insulating and thermal silicone grease is a little higher than that of ordinary thermal grease, but it is only between the different performances of the two.

What other features of insulating and thermal silicone grease are worth mentioning:

1. Good chemical inertness

It is non-corrosive to materials such as rubber and plastic, non-toxic, non-odor, and has the advantages of aging resistance, making it safer to use in electronic products.

2. High compatibility

Insulating and heat-conducting silicone grease can be applied between -40° and 200°. Although the temperature varies greatly, its stability is relatively strong, and it will not freeze or dry out and coke.

3. How to choose

When choosing a product, we can shop around. We need to know the insulation index and thermal conductivity index, followed by the product brand. It is more reliable to choose an old brand with more than 10 years of operation.

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