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Are sealants expensive? What factors determine the price level?


Sealant is an adhesive used for electrical sealing. This adhesive will form a protective film after sealing the surface of electrical components. During the construction process, the sealant has good fluidity, even if the deep part of the electrical appliance, It can also achieve sealing, and it will be cured according to the shape of the sealing interface. After curing, the surface shape is consistent with the surface to be sealed.

Since the sealant is a special glue for electrical sealing, which belongs to the last protective film of electrical appliances, is the price of the sealant high?

The price of sealant is not fixed, because different brands of products on the market have different pricing, and there are also certain differences in the pricing of different types of products, so generally speaking, the price of sealant is not bad. If it is put into production in large quantities , it is recommended to cooperate with big brand companies, such as TENSAN, which focuses on sealant research and provides customized sealant application solutions. Power supply, high-speed rail and other industries. In this way, there will be a certain guarantee in terms of quality.

What factors determine the price of sealants?

1. Quality determines price. Good-quality sealant belongs to the environmental protection level. It will not corrode electrical components when used in electrical appliances, and will not release toxic gas during use. The safety index is very high.

2. Performance determines the price. Good quality sealant can maintain good elasticity and hardness after curing, which can improve the service life of the sealant, and it is not easy to deform and catalyze during use.

3. The type determines the price. If the sealant is divided according to the components, it can be divided into two types: two-component and one-component. If classified according to the performance after construction, it can be divided into two types: curing type and non-curing type. At present, curing type sealant is common on the market, and the price of this type has a certain relationship with the raw material formula.

Generally speaking, the price of sealant is still acceptable. When purchasing, users should not only consider the price, but also consider the performance. If the performance is poor, the protection performance of electrical appliances after curing is not up to the standard. Such products are not good after they are put into production. qualified products.

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