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What is the performance of electronic sealant? What are the points of use?


There are one-component and two-component electronic sealants. One-component electronic sealants can play the role of bonding and sealing, and can be used in bonding electrical components, household appliances and automobile tail lights. The field of use is relatively wide, and the operation is convenient. The one-component electronic sealant with less metering does not need to use a dispensing gun and can be operated by hand.

What is the performance of one-component electronic sealant?

1. One-component electronic sealant has adhesive properties, and can be bonded to various metal materials with good adhesion.

2. The curing time is fast, and it is easy to squeeze out during construction and easy to operate.

3. It has high and low temperature resistance, so it can be used in more fields.

4. There is also a certain insulation performance, which can improve the overall insulation performance of electrical appliances.

5. The colloid is elastic and will not shrink after curing. If there is a failure, it is easy to disassemble and repair.

The main points of use are as follows:

1. It is recommended to use it up at one time during construction. If there is any leftover, it must be sealed well to prevent air from entering, so that it can be preserved well and not easy to deteriorate.

2. Pay attention during construction. Only when the paste is half-collapsed when it is squeezed out, is the quality good. If the paste is too thin or too thick, it is not conducive to curing. If you want to buy good quality electronic sealants, for safety reasons, it is best to cooperate with big brand companies, such as TENSAN, which focuses on the research of sealants and provides customized sealant application solutions, which are widely used and can be applied to new energy , military, medical, aviation, shipbuilding, electronics, automobiles, instruments, power supplies, high-speed rail and other industries.

When purchasing electronic sealants, you need to pay attention. There are many metering specifications on the market at present, and you need to buy them according to the construction progress. If you buy in large quantities, it is recommended to buy some of all kinds of packaging metering. Because the operation time is only 1 to 3 minutes at room temperature, if you buy electronic sealants in large doses, you will not use up the one-time use. If you do not seal well, the rest will easily cause waste.

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