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What is silicone potting compound used for? What effect can it have?


Silicone potting glue is a kind of potting glue. Nowadays, many electrical appliances are potted with silicone potting glue in the manufacturing process, and there is a great market demand. But some people don't understand what the silicone potting compound is for? What effect does it have.

What is silicone potting compound used for?

1. Silicone potting adhesive can be used for potting of LED lamps and display screens. The appearance colors are black, white, gray and blue, and users can choose according to their own needs.

2. Silicone potting adhesive can also be used on outdoor electrical appliances or LED power supplies, and is the best choice for some electrical appliances with heat resistance or heat conduction.

3. In addition, it can also be used in the potting of circuit boards, which can achieve a good sealing effect, and can also play a waterproof role, which serves multiple purposes.

What effect can silicone potting glue play?

1. Silicone potting adhesive is an adhesive used in electronics and electrical appliances. This adhesive has insulating properties after curing, and users can use it in electrical appliances or electronics with confidence.

2. Because silicone potting adhesive is an adhesive used in electrical appliances or electronics, it needs to be in direct contact with electrical components during construction, so the colloid is non-toxic and will not corrode the circuit board.

3. Silicone potting glue presents an elastic volume after curing, and has good shockproof performance, which can protect electrical components. If the colloid is hard glue, it does not have shockproof performance.

4. The electrical appliances use silicone potting glue in the final potting stage, which can achieve the characteristics of deep curing, which can ensure the electrical components and prevent excessive aging.

The relevant content about silicone potting glue is the above. Silicone potting glue has the characteristics of heating and curing, so it is suitable for large-scale assembly line construction, and it is easy to control the curing time during operation. But users need to keep in mind that because silicone potting adhesive is an adhesive used in electrical appliances or electronics, it must be guaranteed to be non-toxic. If you are not at ease when buying, you can cooperate with big brand companies, such as TENSAN, which focuses on the research of potting glue and provides customized potting glue application solutions. Such products have quality assurance and users can use them with confidence.

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