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Will the silicone sealant not be squeezed out during the operation? What are the related considerations?


Silicone sealant is a one-component sealant. The one-component sealant is different from the two-component sealant. It is more convenient to operate, and it can be used for construction without preparation after purchase. Silicone sealant is packed in a sealed tube, similar to a paste. After being squeezed out, it will cure when exposed to moisture in the air. After curing, it will form a rubber-like solid. Because the nature of the silicone sealant is paste, will there be a phenomenon that it cannot be squeezed out during operation?

There will be no phenomenon that the silicone sealant cannot be squeezed out during the operation, because the physical properties of the silicone sealant are relatively good, and there will be no performance change. Good quality can be constructed and operated between -50 degrees and 250 degrees without any influence.

What is the operation method of silicone sealant?

1. During construction, it is first necessary to ensure that the surface of the substrate to be bonded is clean and free from any debris, dust, or water vapor.

2. It is necessary to use special tools during construction, so that it can be better bonded to the substrate when applying glue, because it is similar to paste before curing, so the edge can be corrected.

Precautions for silicone sealant construction:

Silicone sealants need to be paid attention to during construction. Although there will be no phenomenon that they cannot be squeezed out, because they are chemicals, the environment needs to be ventilated and the air needs to be circulated during construction operations. There will be some mellow smells during operation, but these smells will disappear after being completely cured, and will not affect the human body.

Is the performance of silicone sealant safe after construction and curing?

Although the silicone sealant will have some odor during construction, it will disappear after curing, so there is no need to worry about it. At present, most of the products are still environmentally friendly, especially the products of some big brands have more quality assurance, such as TENSAN, which focuses on the research of sealants and provides customized sealant application solutions. If it reaches the environmental protection level, it can be constructed in large quantities, and it can be used in some common electronic devices for bonding and sealing.

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