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Will electronic potting glue corrode electrical components? Is the safety index high?


Electronic potting adhesive is an adhesive specially developed for electronic and electrical circuit boards and components. This adhesive is a two-component product that requires a strict ratio when used. Because electronic potting glue is a chemical agent, many users worry that it will corrode electrical components after a long time of use. Will this happen?

1. Electronic potting glue will not corrode electrical components, because after potting, it can form a sealed state to protect electrical components and prevent external moisture and water from intruding. And after curing, it will present an elastic volume, which can protect electrical appliances from degumming and debonding when they vibrate.

2. After potting, the electronic potting glue will not corrode the electrical appliances, but also have the effects of anti-acid and alkali, UV resistance, and anti-aging, which can prolong the service life of electrical components and improve the service life of electrical appliances.

3. In addition, the electronic potting glue has good insulation and thermal conductivity, which can improve the safety of electrical appliances and reduce the probability of electrical failures. Especially after the electrical appliance has been used for a long time, the local temperature is too high. At this time, the excess heat can be transmitted to protect the electrical components from running at the latest temperature.


Is the safety index of electronic potting adhesive high?

The electronic potting compound has a very good safety index during use, and there will be no performance change between minus 50 degrees and minus 200 degrees, and it will not affect the normal operation of electrical appliances.

The high safety index of electronic potting adhesive is also reflected in the curing aspect. Only the electronic potting adhesive that can achieve deep curing is good, so that the waterproof and moisture-proof performance is better, but not all electronic potting adhesives can achieve this. As a result, only the products of big brands can do it at present, such as TENSAN, which focuses on the research of potting glue and provides customized potting glue application solutions.


The relevant content about electronic potting glue is the above. Users must buy products that meet environmental protection requirements when purchasing. Such products are of good quality and will not release harmful substances to the human body during the use stage.

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