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What are the characteristics of organic silicone gel? During use, which features are the most concerned?


With the continuous enrichment of adhesive production materials, a variety of finished products have appeared. Some industries like to use polyurethane adhesives, some industries like to use silicone. They have their own characteristics and have their own fields of application.


What are the characteristics of organic silicone gel?

The weather resistance of this adhesive is very good, and the temperature of the working environment is not too high. It can work stably in the environment of tens of degrees below zero to two or three hundred degrees above zero, and it will not easily cause problems.

It has good electrical insulation and is suitable for the electronic field to protect electronic components. In addition, its fast curing time provides stable performance. Cooperate with powerful suppliers, such as TENSAN, which focuses on silicone research and provides customized silicone application solutions. It has a wide range of uses and can be used in new energy, military industry, medical care, aviation, ships, electronics, automobiles, and instruments. , power supply, high-speed rail and other industries.

Which performance is more concerned about when using it?

  1. Temperature resistance. Silicone has strong thermal stability and will not be easily decomposed when working at high temperatures. It can withstand both high temperature and low temperature without affecting the physical and chemical properties.
  2. Physical inertia. When organic silicone gel exerts good physical properties, it can effectively resist aging. When its anti-aging ability is brought into play, the service life can be extended.
  3. Curing effect. No matter which industry uses silicone, it is very concerned about the curing effect. Fortunately, this adhesive can be cured at room temperature without additional heat or pressure, which is very convenient. The curing is completed in the natural environment, so that it can perform stably.

Is organic silicone toxic?

Its production materials are all products with high environmental protection performance, and they will not produce poison when they are used together. During the curing process, it will not release too much heat, let alone release pungent gas. You can use it with confidence.

This is the advantage of silicone, which is not necessarily stronger than other types of adhesives, but has good practicability.

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