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How many common problems are there in the construction stage of epoxy resin potting glue, and how to avoid these problems?


Epoxy resin potting glue will encounter various problems during the construction stage due to construction technology or environmental temperature and the quality of potting glue. The quality of electronic products after potting is not guaranteed, which increases safety hazards during use. The following is a list of common problems for you.


1. The curing time of the glue is too long

Epoxy resin potting glue is composed of two components. If this happens, the first thing to consider is the ratio and whether the operation is strictly in accordance with the instructions when mixing. Inaccurate metering ratio is one of the reasons that lead to too long curing time. main reason.

In order to avoid this situation, it is necessary to adjust and weigh strictly according to the proportion. There is also a temperature increase treatment, because the higher the temperature, the faster the curing speed.


2. Bubbles appear on the surface after curing

Bubbles appear on the surface of the epoxy resin potting compound after curing. It is abnormal. The surface should be smooth, so as to protect the electrical components. The main reason for this is that the curing time is short and the stirring is uneven. The curing phenomenon is completed without the air bubbles being completely expelled.

To avoid this situation, it is necessary to reduce the curing temperature, prolong the curing time, and stir evenly, so that the air bubbles have enough time to be discharged before curing.


3. After curing, it is soft glue

Epoxy resin potting glue The potting glue should be hard glue after curing, but if it is soft glue at this time, it is because the mixing ratio is incorrect, or the glue A has been stored for a long time.

To avoid this situation, it is necessary to deploy strictly in accordance with the ratio. After the A gel is stored for a period of time, it cannot be used again to avoid this situation.


The above-mentioned problems are likely to be encountered in the construction stage of epoxy resin potting glue. In order to avoid these situations during the construction stage, the quality of the glue must be strictly controlled. It is necessary to cooperate with companies with word-of-mouth guarantees, such as TENSAN, Focus on the research of potting glue, and provide customized potting glue application solutions.

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