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What problems should be paid attention to when using silicone potting? You can judge good or bad by these three points!


Silicone potting adhesive is a very common adhesive in the production of precision components, and it is also widely used in many industries. However, in the specific use process, silicone potting adhesive also has certain restrictions, and users need to pay special attention to it. Pay attention to the use environment in order to exert the greatest bonding effect.

Adhesives are difficult to cure

If the operation method is not proper, the silicone potting compound is difficult to cure. For example, the use environment is humid for a long time, or it is frosty, or even in a water-soaked environment, which will affect the adhesive effect. Or the content of curing agent in the silicone potting compound is less, and the operation method is improper, which will also affect the curing efficiency.

The adhesive layer is soft and the bonding effect is poor

The ratio of silicone potting adhesive is very important. If there is a problem with the ratio of the ratio, such as too much or too little curing agent, it may directly affect the bonding effect and cause the cured adhesive layer to be too soft. Therefore, users should choose a strong manufacturer when purchasing, such as: TENSAN, which can not only focus on the research of silicone potting adhesives, but also provide customized silicone potting adhesive application solutions, which are widely used and can be applied In new energy, military, medical, aviation, shipbuilding, electronics, automobiles, instruments, power supplies, high-speed rail and other industries.

There are bubbles on the bonding surface after curing

The potting compound may produce air bubbles when it is used. If the curing speed of the silicone potting compound is too fast or the temperature of the bonding environment is too high, it may cause the bubbles to be difficult to disappear quickly and automatically, and even oil stains may appear after curing. . Therefore, users must pay attention to keeping the environment dry when using silicone potting adhesive, and also need to pay attention to the appropriate amount when curing the ratio. Only by stirring evenly in time can the bonding effect of waterproof, moisture-proof and high-temperature resistance be achieved.

The bonding effect of silicone potting glue is better, and it is used in a wide range of fields, but it is necessary to pay more attention to the above-mentioned limitations when using it. The quality of the encapsulant can be judged by whether there are bubbles on the surface and the state of the adhesive layer after curing, and you can choose a silicone encapsulant that really suits you.

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