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Where is the "good" of 704 silicone rubber? What should I pay attention to after using it?


In the adhesive market, 704 silicone rubber has great value and has received great attention and recognition from many users. Only after using this product do I know how good it is. Have a comprehensive understanding of it, and see what should be paid attention to during and after operation.

What is the advantage of 704 silicone rubber?

Compared with traditional adhesives, the packaging of 704 silicone rubber is more concise and convenient. When in use, it can be operated after cutting, which greatly improves the work efficiency. Cut according to actual usage to avoid waste. In addition, the performance of 704 silicone rubber is more complete, and it can be bonded with different materials to exert various performances normally. Choosing high-quality products and cooperating with powerful suppliers will give you more peace of mind. You can not only focus on the research of 704 silicone rubber, but also provide customized 704 silicone rubber application solutions. It has a wide range of uses and can be used in new energy, military, medical, aviation , ships, electronics, automobiles, instruments, power supplies, high-speed rail and other industries.

What should be paid attention to when operating 704 silicone rubber?

During use, do not blindly inject glue. Understand the amount of usage, and operate as much as possible according to the actual amount to avoid waste. The applied glue layer should not be too thick, just keep it even. Sometimes the adhesive layer is too thick to directly affect the curing speed, and it is not suitable to quickly exert its value.


What should be paid attention to after using 704 silicone rubber?

When the operation is over, the unused adhesive should be tightly capped for quick storage. After a period of time, a crust may appear on the seal. After cleaning a small amount of crust, it can be used normally without affecting the performance. If the 704 silicone rubber has a large amount of skinning, it may be stored incorrectly and cannot be used any longer.


Nowadays, 704 silicone rubber is more and more useful and is used in many industries. For all users, in order to make them play more performance, they should choose high-quality products to show the advantages of all aspects. At the same time, it is necessary to keep in mind the precautions during operation and after operation to avoid waste.

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