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What are the performance and characteristics of electronic potting glue? What things need to be kept in mind during operation?


Before using electronic potting glue, it is necessary to understand its performance and specific product characteristics. After all, it is not an ordinary adhesive, nor can it be used in all industries. Only when you have an in-depth understanding can you use it in the appropriate field.


What are the characteristics of electronic potting glue?

It consists of two components. Part A is a paste without particles, and Part B is a light yellow liquid. After the two groups of materials are evenly mixed, a nearly transparent film will be formed without affecting the overall appearance.

The curing speed is fast. It takes one or two hours to complete the initial curing at room temperature, and it will be completely cured after 18 hours. At this time, the bonding strength reaches the maximum.

The bonding effect is good, and there is no need to strictly clean the base surface, as long as there are no obvious impurities.

It is easy to store and can be placed in a ventilated and cool place for at least half a year and more than a year without any problems.

It is easy to clean up. When the electronic potting glue gets on the clothes, it can be cleaned up in time without wasting time.

What are the properties of electronic potting glue?

It has good adhesion, can be bonded with electronic components, and exerts high and low temperature resistance and ultraviolet resistance. Effectively isolate moisture, acid and alkali, and ozone, so that components work stably. Cooperate with powerful brand suppliers, such as TENSAN, which focuses on the research of electronic potting adhesives and provides customized electronic potting adhesive application solutions. It has a wide range of uses and can be used in new energy, military, medical, aviation, ships, Electronics, automobiles, instruments, power supplies, high-speed rail and other industries.

What precautions?

When taking glue, you cant just find a tool, you should prepare special tools; pay attention to ventilation during operation, and use it up within the specified time; once it touches the skin, you can wash it with soapy water; seal the unused adhesive and store it properly .

These precautions should be kept in mind. Some users don't pay attention to it, and stir or store it casually, which leads to many problems. It is recommended that you operate carefully and don't waste it.

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