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Advantages and characteristics of thermal adhesive


Thermal adhesive has good thermal conductivity and high-grade pressure resistance, good adhesion, good adhesion to aluminum, copper, stainless steel, polycarbonate (PC) and other materials, excellent dielectric properties, Good heat resistance, general use temperature range -50℃~200. Thermal adhesive is an adhesive product with bonding and sealing functions, which has multiple curing methods such as single/two-component, thermally conductive, room temperature curing/heat curing/catalyst-promoted.

Room air curing is through the condensation reaction of moisture in the air to release low molecules to cause cross-linking and curing, and vulcanize into high-performance elastomers. Thermally conductive adhesive has excellent resistance to alternating cold and heat, aging resistance and electrical insulation. And has excellent moisture resistance, shock resistance, corona resistance, leakage resistance and chemical medium resistance. Does not swell and has good adhesion to most metallic and non-metallic materials.


Advantages of using thermal adhesive

1. Comprehensive contact, providing more effective cooling effect;

2. Good operating temperature range -50℃~200;

3. High dielectric strength to ensure electrical insulation properties;

4. One-component, easy to use;

5. Elastic bonding, shockproof, can be used in vibration source electrical equipment;

6. The bonding speed is fast, the bonding force is strong, and the bonding force is durable.


The characteristics of thermal adhesive:

1. It has excellent thermal conductivity (heat dissipation performance), and the thermal conductivity [W/(m k)] after curing reaches 1.0~3.5, which provides a high guaranteed heat dissipation coefficient for electronic products, and is suitable for electronic products (especially those that require high Heat dissipation products) play a role in ensuring the stability during use, improving the performance and life of the product;

2. It has superior electrical properties, anti-aging, anti-cold and heat alternating performance, moisture-proof and non-swelling, electrical insulation performance, power decay rate, shockproof, waterproof, shock absorption and stability, which increases the safety of electronic products during use coefficient;

3. It has excellent bonding strength, especially has good adhesion to electronic components, aluminum, PVC, PBT and other plastics, and at the same time has excellent sealing, bonding and thermal conductivity;

4. The curing speed is fast, easy to extrude, but does not flow, easy to operate, can be applied manually or mechanically, no glue leakage, suitable for any working environment and working conditions, with simple and convenient sizing

5. Non-toxic, non-irritating gas release, solvent-free, non-corrosive, non-polluting, safer and more environmentally friendly, has passed the EU RoHS standard, and at the same time allows operators and consumers who use electronic products to use it at ease, for safety and environmental protection Provides double protection.

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