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TENSAN shipped 20GP silicone potting to Brazil, continuing to provide customers with high-quality products


SHENZHEN TENSAN LIMITED COMPANY has been committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services since its establishment. We are very pleased to announce that we successfully completed a shipment of yesterday, delivering an excellent product to our Brazilian customers.


This shipment is the result of the joint efforts of the TENSAN company team. Through methodical production, rigorous testing and careful packaging, we ensure that each product is up to standard for shipment and meets the needs and expectations of our customers. We are based on integrity, innovation and excellent quality, and always relentlessly pursue excellence.


The product shipped this time is silicone potting compound TS8833, which is an extremely low stress, high thermal conductivity (thermal conductivity 0.8W/M.K) flame-retardant silicone addition type potting compound. It has excellent resistance to cold and heat changes, high and low temperature resistance (remains elastic within -50-200 ° C), anti-ultraviolet, aging resistance, insulation, moisture resistance, shock resistance, leakage resistance and chemical medium resistance. It does not shrink during and after curing, and has good protection functions for electronic components (such as: shockproof, anti-extrusion and anti-aging protection functions). Good flame retardancy, flame retardancy reaches UL94-V0 level. It does not contain substances harmful to electronic appliances and the human body.


It is mainly used for potting protection of high-power electronic components, module power supplies and circuit boards with high requirements for heat dissipation and temperature resistance. Such as switching power supply, driving power supply, automotive HID lamp module power supply, automotive ignition system module power supply, home appliance controller, new energy vehicle DC-DC, etc.


TENSAN will continue to uphold the principle of "customer first" and continue to provide high-quality products and services in the future. We believe that through close cooperation with customers and continuous innovation, we can bring more success stories to customers from all walks of life.


TENSAN has 20 years of experience as a manufacturer of silicone sealant, thermal grease, silicone potting glue, SMT red glue and other products. If you are interested in our company's products or have any questions, please feel free to contact us. TENSAN looks forward to cooperating with you and will wholeheartedly provide you with professional and efficient silicone solutions.

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