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Are silicone sealants toxic? How to ensure the safety of construction workers?


Silicone sealant is a kind of sealant used in electrical appliances or electronics, which mainly plays the role of sealing, waterproof and moisture-proof. At present, many electrical appliances are used, with good performance and relatively safe. However, the issue of whether it is poisonous is the focus of everyone's attention. Let me introduce it in detail below.


Are silicone sealants toxic?

Silicone sealants are not toxic when cured. The one-component silicone sealant is an elastic volume after curing, and this elastic volume can protect the wear resistance of electrical components and prolong the service life.

And the one-component silicone sealant is used in a wide range of fields. It can be used not only in the bonding and curing of electrical components, but also in the sealing of the shell of household appliances. After curing, the waterproof performance and moisture-proof performance are superior, and users can rest assured in this regard.

Good-quality silicone sealants can reach the environmental protection level, and are non-toxic after curing. Whether they are used in household appliances or industrial appliances, they can guarantee that they will not affect the human body. Therefore, users must purchase products that meet the environmental protection level when purchasing, and they can cooperate with brand companies when necessary.


Precautions for construction of silicone sealant

Although the silicone sealant is non-toxic and safe to the human body, it is still necessary to pay attention to the following points during construction to ensure the safety of construction personnel.

1. Construction workers need to wear protective measures such as gas masks, protective clothing and goggles. Because the silicone sealant will have a mellow smell after construction, and it will be fully effective once it is cured.

2. The construction site needs to be ventilated and ventilated, which is conducive to air circulation and can ensure that the smell emitted by the silicone sealant during the construction process can be released quickly.


The relevant content about silicone sealants is the above. After curing, silicone sealants not only have sealing, moisture-proof, and waterproof properties, but also have good thermal conductivity, shock resistance, corona resistance, and leakage resistance. Ensure the safety of electrical appliances.

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