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What is the difference between thermal grease and thermal gel?


In recent years, thermal gel has attracted more and more attention, and its application has also been verified. More and more high-end compact electronic products will choose thermal gel, and the price will be higher than that of thermal grease. Some people think that there is not much difference between thermal conductive silicone grease and thermal conductive gel. In fact, thermal conductive gel has more advantages than thermal conductive silicone grease in terms of thermal conductivity.


The difference between thermal gel and thermal grease is as follows:

1. Appearance

Thermally conductive gels can be distinguished from one-component thermally conductive gels and two-component thermally conductive gels. The appearance colors are usually blue, green, white, gray, pink, yellow, etc. In terms of thermal grease, the appearance is usually white and gray. State Both are creamy.


2. Construction method

Thermally conductive gel is a high-viscosity thermally conductive material. The packaging is usually a syringe-type packaging. During construction, it can be directly dispensed with a fully automatic dispensing machine, which is more efficient. The packaging method of thermal conductive silicone grease can be in a syringe or in a can. The conventional construction method is screen printing, and some customers use it more conveniently, just apply it directly and scrape it evenly. But such a simple construction method must be manually operated.


3. Will it solidify

The two-component thermally conductive gel will cure, and the one-component thermally conductive gel will not cure like the thermally conductive silicone grease.


4. Service life

Thermal gel has a different working life than thermal grease. Thermally conductive gel does not dry for a long time, can be compressed infinitely, and can guarantee a service life of more than 10 years after construction. Some people also call thermally conductive gel a liquid thermally conductive silicone sheet. The life of thermal grease is the shortest among all thermal interface materials. Because the thermal conductive silicone grease starts to dry up and pulverize slowly after half a year of use, and it can be completely turned into powder in no more than 2 years, and it becomes dust when it is pinched by hand, and the thermal conductive silicone grease loses its thermal conductivity, which is the end of the life of the thermal conductive silicone grease. This is also the reason why thermal conductive silicone grease is complained more, and it is a big bottleneck in the development of thermal conductive silicone grease.


Customers can choose to use thermally conductive gel or thermally conductive silicone grease or other thermally conductive materials according to their own product characteristics and product structure requirements. If you want to choose a low thermal resistance, fast heat transfer, high thermal conductivity, long service life, automatic operation, thermal gel is a good choice!

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