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What is a two-component silicone potting compound? how to use?


Two-component silicone potting glue is a kind of potting material that is mixed with AB two components and cured by normal temperature or heating. The main function of potting is sealing, waterproof, heat conduction, etc.; it can be divided into addition type and type according to different curing methods. condensation type. Addition type potting glue generally has a ratio of AB components of 1:1, A component is black, B component is white, and after mixing, it is gray and black.

Main features of two-component silicone potting adhesive:

The two-component addition type silicone potting compound is completely non-toxic, has excellent operability, is very convenient to operate and use, has a very good defoaming property, can achieve good heat conduction effect according to needs, and has low stress after curing And it is very easy to repair and clean, good weather resistance, very wide temperature range, -40-250 , the disadvantage is poor adhesion.

Two-component silicone potting adhesive market application:

Addition potting compound is mainly used in occasions that require waterproof sealing and heat conduction and heat dissipation, such as drive power supply, control module, reactor, transformer, inverter, optimizer, heating coil, etc.

How to use TENSAN TS8833 white gray two-component silicone thermal conductive potting glue:

1. Stir components A and B in their respective packages evenly before sizing, because the filler in the rubber may partially settle during storage.

2. Weigh components A and B at a ratio of 1:1, mix them evenly, and inject them directly into the components (or modules) to be potted and protected. It is best to inject slowly along one side of the wall to reduce the generation of air bubbles.

3. Let the potted components stand still and let them defoam by themselves. After the bubbles basically disappear, it can be cured by heating, or it can be cured directly at room temperature.

Precautions for two-component silicone potting adhesive:

1. If the addition type potting compound with filler is placed for too long, precipitation will occur. It is recommended that components A and B should be stirred evenly before use, and should be sealed and stored after use;

2. When stirring, pay attention to stirring in the same direction, otherwise too many air bubbles will be mixed in; the rubber material on the frame and bottom of the container should also be stirred evenly, otherwise there will be local uncured phenomenon caused by uneven stirring.

3. Pouring on the product and vacuuming again to remove air bubbles can improve the overall performance of the cured product.

4. If the temperature of the addition type potting compound is too low, the curing speed will be slow. It is recommended to heat and cure.

5. The addition type potting compound will be difficult to cure or not cure when it contacts with tin, sulfur, amine and other materials. Common substances include rosin and natural rubber, which must be tested before use.


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