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Can expired thermal paste still be used? Is there any effect on the heat conduction effect?


Users who are engaged in the electrical appliance manufacturing industry should be familiar with thermal paste. Thermal paste plays a vital role in the electrical appliance manufacturing industry. If electrical appliances do not use thermal paste, it is easy to burn out after long-term use. Any electrical appliance that needs to dissipate heat can use thermal paste. How many users buy it in bulk? Can the thermal paste still be used after it expires?

Can thermal paste still be used after it has expired?

Thermal paste is a chemical, and it will be marked with the production date, operation method and storage precautions before leaving the factory. The shelf life is very important. Even if the thermal paste that has passed the shelf life is in a sealed state and has not been opened, the silicone oil in the paste will still volatilize. However, not all thermal pastes cannot be used after the shelf life. To save costs, expired thermal paste Silicone grease can be tested according to the expiration time, and it is not recommended to use it again if the expiration time exceeds 36 months.

Does using expired thermal paste affect the thermal conductivity?

Once the thermal paste has expired, it is not recommended to use it in large quantities, especially for poor-quality thermal paste. If the thermal paste is not expired, the oil separation will be serious after applying the substrate. During storage, even if it is not opened, oil will appear. Separation, in this case, if it is applied to the substrate, it will only aggravate the separation of oil, and even cause a short circuit of the wire.

The shelf life of thermal paste is relatively long, generally 5 years, because it can only be used in the middle of the electrical heating element and radiator, and the one-time use is very small. It is recommended to buy products with various packaging specifications, and choose according to the usage. Products of big brands , Thermal paste has complete heat conduction specifications, and complete measurement and packaging. It will not corrode when used in electrical appliances, and has no impact on human health. It can not only focus on the research of thermal paste, but also provide customized thermal paste application solutions. It is widely used in new energy, military industry, medical treatment, aviation, shipbuilding, electronics, automobile, instrument, power supply, high-speed rail and other industries.

Thermal grease is a good thermal conductive silicone grease. Even high-brand products will leak out of silicone oil during use. In order to prevent short-circuiting of wires, try not to use it in relays with exposed contacts around them.

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