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Which brand of thermal grease is good? How to buy good quality?


Thermally conductive silicone grease is a kind of heat dissipation material used in electrical appliances, which mainly plays the role of auxiliary heat dissipation. At present, thermal conductive silicone grease can be used in a variety of electrical equipment that needs heat dissipation, and the annual usage is very large, so which brand of thermal conductive silicone grease is good when purchasing?

Which brand of thermal grease is good?

The brand of thermal grease is not important, the important thing is that the quality is guaranteed. When you are not sure about a brand product, you can buy a small amount for a small-scale test, so that you can know whether the quality is good or not. Under normal circumstances, brand products have quality assurance, but it is recommended to choose affordable and quality-guaranteed ones, which are widely used and can be used in new energy, military industry, medical care, aviation, ships, electronics, automobiles, instruments, power supplies, high-speed rail and other industries. field.

How to buy good quality thermal grease?

1. Observe the thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity of thermal grease is very important. If the thermal conductivity is too low or too high, the thermal conductivity of thermal grease cannot be fully utilized. When purchasing, you need to choose according to the product. If you don’t understand, you can consult a professional.

2. Insulation is very important. Thermally conductive silicone grease is a material used in electrical appliances, and it is in the state of grease. At this time, it must have insulation properties, which can ensure safer use of electrical appliances.

3. Temperature resistance cannot be ignored. When purchasing thermal grease for a product, you must first understand where the product is used. If it is used in a harsh environment or an environment that requires temperature, you need to purchase thermal grease with temperature resistance.

When purchasing thermal grease, you need to pay attention to the above items. But because the current demand for thermal grease is very large, there are various brands or prices. Users need to pay attention to one point when purchasing, that is, whether it will corrode metal materials in the long run. If this requirement cannot be met , then no matter how cheap the price is, no matter how good the thermal conductivity is, thermal grease cannot be used.

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