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What are the characteristics of epoxy electronic potting glue? In what fields is it generally used?


Epoxy electronic potting glue has very outstanding product characteristics and is an irreplaceable product in many production fields. Today I will introduce to you the advantages of this potting glue and the fields in which it is generally used.

1. Waterproof and moisture-proof

Epoxy electronic potting glue has ultra-high waterproof and moisture-proof properties and can adapt to relatively humid bonding environments. Therefore, this kind of potting glue has a wide range of applications. It can protect components and is widely used in shipbuilding, aviation, electronics and other fields.

2. Good sealing

Epoxy electronic potting glue has very good sealing properties and can seal and prevent dust. Therefore, this kind of potting glue is usually used in the field of precision electronic parts, but it is best to choose products from big brands. For example, TENSAN focuses on the research of epoxy electronic potting glue and provides customized epoxy electronic potting glue application solutions. It has a wide range of uses and can be used in new energy, military industry, medical, aviation, shipbuilding, electronics, automobiles, instruments, power supplies, etc. High-speed rail and other industries.

3. Shockproof and wear-resistant

Epoxy electronic potting glue has good shock resistance, so it can also protect components when used in precision fields. Even if it encounters a large vibration, the product will not fall off.

4. High environmental performance

Epoxy electronic potting glue is also very environmentally friendly, has no pungent smell at all, and is simple and safe to operate. Not only can it protect the health of operators, but it will also not cause corrosion to components, and there will be no production waste. Therefore, it is very suitable for application in production fields with high environmental protection requirements.

It is precisely because epoxy electronic potting glue has outstanding product features such as waterproofing, moisture-proof, sealing, and shockproof that it is used in many production fields. Especially in the field of precision electronic components, epoxy electronic potting glue is indispensable in production. If users have needs, it is best to form long-term cooperation with reliable brands so that they can buy genuine and good products at reasonable prices.

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