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Is the thermal paste application process important? Is it necessary for construction personnel to receive professional training?


Thermal paste is a heat dissipation material. This heat dissipation material is widely used and can be used in most electrical appliances. The heat dissipation system of electrical appliances that uses thermal paste is more secure and safer to use. Everyone basically agrees with the heat dissipation effect of thermal paste, which is mainly attributed to the purchase of high-quality thermal paste.

Is the application process of thermal paste important?

The application process of thermal conductive paste is very important, because the thermal conductive effect of thermal conductive paste is not only related to the quality of thermal conductive paste, but also related to the application process. Wrong application process will not make the thermal conductive paste achieve the thermal conductive effect and will not perform well. Therefore, when applying thermal paste, you must pay attention to the application process.

Do construction workers also need to undergo such training?

Because the application process of thermal paste is very important, the construction personnel must be experienced masters, or have received professional training. Those who do not know a little construction technology may not be qualified for this job. Because thermal conductive silicone grease pays attention to "evenness" and "thinness" when applying it, if you cannot do these things, it will have no effect after applying thermal conductive silicone grease, and it may even be counterproductive.

Precautions when applying thermal paste:

1. After the thermal conductive paste is squeezed into the base material, you can use a scraper to push it evenly around. Do not hang it randomly. After it is evenly applied to the base material, you can modify the thickness. Under the premise of ensuring uniformity, the thickness should not be More than 3mm.

2. Although thermal paste is an insulating material, after it is applied to the base material, there will be excess parts around it, which need to be wiped clean to avoid short circuits, especially around exposed relays.

3. After the thermal conductive paste is evenly applied, you can proceed to the next step of construction. There is no need to wait, because it will not solidify and will always remain in the grease state.

After mastering the construction and application techniques, you also need to master purchasing skills. Only high-quality thermal paste can achieve the expected thermal conductivity effect. At this time, you can cooperate with a brand company to use it more safely, such as TENSAN, which focuses on the research of thermal paste and provides customization. Thermal paste application solutions.

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