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What is thermal paste? What is the principle of heat dissipation? What are the precautions?


Many electrical appliances or electronics require the use of thermal paste during the manufacturing process. Thermal paste is a paste-like substance with thermal conductivity that needs to be applied in the gap between the CPU and the radiator to provide thermal conductivity. , to prevent the CPU from being burned due to excessive local temperature. During this process, the thermal paste should pay attention to maximizing the thermal conductivity. So, how does thermal paste dissipate heat? What are the precautions?

What is thermal paste

The main component of thermal paste is silicone oil plus some fillers, which are then made into a gray or white paste-like substance. This substance can remain in paste-like form after construction and will not solidify or stick. It is also resistant to high and low temperature changes, and can provide normal heat dissipation performance within -50 degrees to 200 degrees.

What is the principle of heat dissipation?

The main heat dissipation principle of thermal paste is to apply the thermal paste to the interface between the heat sink and the heat source. Because the thermal paste itself is a substance with thermal and non-conductive properties, the CPU temperature can be controlled within a certain range. There will be no local excessive temperature.


1. Just apply the thermal paste on the core of the CPU during use. If it gets on other parts, you need to wipe it clean with a paper towel or a damp cloth, because the thermal paste will not dissipate heat if it is applied to electrical components other than the CPU. performance, it can even be counterproductive.

2. When applying the thermal paste, you can use tools to apply it so that it can be applied evenly. If there are areas that cannot be handled with tools, you can wear plastic gloves and press them flat with your fingers.

What kind of thermal paste is good?

The silicone oil in the thermal paste is "non-volatile", but if the thermal paste of poor quality is used for a long time, the silicone oil will dry due to tiny volatilization. The dried thermal paste has poor heat dissipation performance, so the separation time of the silicone oil is determined. A standard for the quality of thermal paste.

It can be seen from this that when purchasing thermal paste, you must purchase products with low volatility and low oil dissociation. Not many can meet this requirement. Currently, only products from big brands have quality assurance.

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