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A brief analysis of the functions and advantages of UV glue


UV glue, also known as shadowless glue, photosensitive glue, and UV-curable glue, is an adhesive that is cured by ultraviolet light.

UV is the abbreviation of Ultraviolet Rays in English. It is invisible to the naked eye and is a section of electromagnetic radiation outside of visible light with a wavelength between 10 and 400nm. The principle of UV glue curing is to use the photoinitiator in the UV curing material to absorb ultraviolet light under ultraviolet irradiation and generate active free radicals or cations, which triggers monomer polymerization and cross-linking chemical reactions, so that the adhesive can be Liquid state is converted into solid state.

The role of UV glue

1. Bonding effect. The adhesive force generated by UV glue on the surface of the adhesive is used for structural bonding, so that different adhesives can be bonded into an integrated structure.

2. Blocking effect. UV glue can isolate the adherend from external substances, energy, pressure, heat, etc., playing a blocking role to prevent the adherend from interacting with the external environment.

3. Buffering effect. UV glue is elastic, and the parts bonded with UV glue can play a buffering role when subjected to vibration, impact, etc., protecting the bonded parts from damage.

4. Protective effect. According to the needs of use, some specific UV adhesives have properties such as chemical corrosion resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, salt spray resistance, high and low temperature resistance, etc., to protect the adhesive materials and maintain stable performance in complex use environments.

5. Filling and decorative functions. UV glue can be obtained in a variety of colors according to the needs of use. It can fill and repair some gaps, holes, depressions and other defects that affect the appearance caused by production, and play a role in beautifying the appearance.

Advantages of UV glue

1. Safe, environmentally friendly and pollution-free

UV glue is a solvent-free glue with low flammability. The curing process does not produce volatile compounds such as VOC and is very friendly to the environment and air.

2. Fast curing speed and low economic cost

UV glue cures quickly, taking only a few seconds to tens of seconds to cure, and does not require additional curing solvents. It can be inspected and transported after curing, which can greatly improve production efficiency, save space, and thus reduce economic costs.

3. Excellent compatibility

UV glue can be applied repeatedly and cured multiple times. It can be used on materials that are sensitive to solvents, temperature and moisture, and its curing time, curing speed and curing degree can also be adjusted.

UV glue has excellent performance and is widely used in bonding, sealing, filling, three-proof coating, fixing, etc. in consumer electronics, electronic appliances, automotive electronics, medical supplies, optoelectronics, information industries and other fields.

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