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Frequently asked questions about landscape lighting fixtures and glue solutions


Landscape lighting fixtures are a very common product in our daily lives. They not only have lighting functions, but also have strong ornamental properties. Landscape lighting fixtures can use different shapes, light colors and brightness to create landscapes, and are widely used in squares, gardens, public green spaces, courtyards and other landscape places.

Analysis of Frequently Asked Questions about Landscape Lighting Lamps

1. There are many types of bulbs used in landscape lighting fixtures, most of which are used outdoors at night. In order to ensure a certain lighting effect, high-power and high-intensity bulbs are generally used. If the heat dissipation is not good, the service life of the product will be greatly shortened.

2. The usage environment of landscape lighting fixtures is complex, and high temperatures, rain and snow are unavoidable when used outdoors. If the sealing is not good, moisture entering the lamp during high temperatures can cause fog inside the product and reduce the brightness; water vapor entering the lamp during rain, snow and humid weather can cause the product to short-circuit and trip, affecting normal use.

Frequently asked questions about landscape lighting fixtures and glue solutions

Through the above analysis, we can see that the main causes of problems with landscape lighting fixtures are heat conduction and sealing. We can effectively solve the above problems through the correct use of glue for different parts of landscape lighting fixtures.

Circuit board three-proof coating

The circuit board is an important component for the operation of landscape lighting fixtures. In order to ensure stable product performance, the circuit board needs to be coated with conformal anti-corrosion paint that has properties such as moisture-proof, anti-static, shock-proof, mildew-proof, dust-proof, and salt spray-proof to cope with landscape lighting. Lamps are used in complex environments.

Thermal conductive potting of drive power supply

The driving power supply is the energy supply driver for landscape lighting fixtures, and its importance is self-evident. Like most power supplies, the driving power supply of landscape lighting fixtures also dissipates a large amount of heat during operation. It is necessary to use thermally conductive potting glue that is waterproof, thermally conductive, impact-resistant, and resistant to high and low temperatures to protect the driving power supply.

Lamp housing thermal sealing bonding

As the first protective wall of landscape lighting fixtures, the lamp shell should not only have good thermal conductivity, but also have good bonding and sealing properties. In addition, it should also have excellent waterproof and moisture-proof, high and low temperature resistance, aging resistance, electrical properties, Weather resistance and other properties, provide initial protection for landscape lighting fixtures in harsh environments such as high temperatures, rain, and snow.

Radiator heat dissipation and heat conduction

The high-power use of landscape lighting fixtures makes the heat dissipation problem of the bulb particularly important. In order to maximize the heat exchange efficiency and reduce the thermal resistance of the contact surface in the relatively limited space of landscape lighting fixtures, it is necessary to use high thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance thermal conductive adhesive to allow the heat to Transfer heat to the heat sink for faster dissipation.

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