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What is thermal gel?


Thermal gel is a kind of gap-filling thermal conductive material. It is a gel-like thermal conductive material made of silicone composite thermal conductive filler through stirring, mixing and packaging. It is formed according to the shape of the structure, has good fluidity, has excellent structural applicability and surface adhesion properties of structural parts, and can fully fill gaps. It has good insulation and voltage resistance characteristics and temperature stability, safe and reliable.

Thermal conductive gel not only inherits the advantages of silicone such as good affinity, weather resistance, high and low temperature resistance and good insulation, but also has strong plasticity, does not dry out for a long time, can be infinitely compressed, and has a long service life, which is equivalent to liquid thermal conductive silica gel. piece. It can improve the thermal conductivity of heating devices and is a composite material with strong thermal conductivity. It can meet the filling of different surfaces and meet the heat transfer needs of various applications. It has high thermal conductivity, low compression force application, low pressure, high compression ratio, high electrical insulation, good temperature resistance, and can realize automated use.

Thermal conductive gel has a certain degree of adhesion and can be compressed into various shapes, down to a few hundred microns. There is no problem of oiling out or drying out, and it has certain advantages in reliability. In addition, thermal conductive gel is a viscous thermal conductive material. It is made from a variety of thermally conductive powders and thermally conductive silica gel after being fully matured. It has certain advantages in continuous operation. It can be directly weighed and used, and the packaging uses needles. Cartridge packaging, combined with automatic dispensing technology, can achieve fixed-point quantitative control and realize automated production, saving labor and improving production efficiency.

The core advantages of using thermal gel:

1. It is easy to use and has strong plasticity. The high thermal conductivity gel is in the form of a paste and will not dry out or become sticky. There is no need to consider product size restrictions during development and can be planned flexibly.

2. Thermal conductive gel has a high thermal conductivity, which can maximize the heat dissipation performance and achieve good results.

Thermal conductive gel can be applied to the bottom or frame of radiators, high-speed hard drives, micro heat pipe radiators, automotive engine control devices, and semiconductor automatic testing equipment. It is widely used in communication equipment such as network terminals, storage equipment, LED display backlight tubes, consumer electronic power devices, security equipment, instrumentation, electrical and electronics, smart home, automotive electronics, drones, photovoltaic cells and other industries.

With the popularization of 5G chips, the application of 5G technology, the demand for thermal conductive gel in 5G base stations, tablet computers, smartphones, smart homes and other fields continues to rise. The market space for thermal conductive gel will also further expand. The market prospects of thermal conductive gel broad.

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