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What types of potting glue are there? What are the characteristics of each? Be aware before purchasing


In the current adhesive market, potting adhesive is a relatively recognized product. Due to its product characteristics, many industrial fields will choose to use potting glue for bonding. Today, the editor will introduce to you the types of potting glue and the characteristics of each potting glue. Only by knowing well before purchasing can you choose the truly suitable potting glue according to your usage direction.

Epoxy resin potting glue

Epoxy resin potting glue has a difference between two-component and one-component. It has higher hardness and better bonding strength. It usually cannot be opened after curing and requires special attention. In addition, epoxy resin potting glue is divided into two methods: normal temperature curing and heating curing. You need to understand it in advance before purchasing, and pay attention to the operating differences of different potting glues.

Silicone potting glue

Silicone potting glue has very good high temperature resistance and can maintain performance stability even at temperatures above 250 degrees. However, its hardness after curing is relatively not too high, and it is usually in a soft state. However, the price is moderate, and it can be used in more fields than other potting adhesives. It also has heating curing and room temperature curing. You need to choose according to your own situation.

Polyurethane potting glue

Polyurethane potting glue is a product that is widely used at present. It has super permeability, is especially suitable for use in electronic devices, and has good low temperature resistance. However, this kind of potting glue also has high production requirements. When purchasing, you need to pay special attention to whether the manufacturer is reliable. When purchasing, choose products with good reputation and guaranteed quality. Focus on potting glue research and provide customized potting glue. Sealing glue application solutions have a wide range of uses and can be used in new energy, military industry, medical, aviation, shipbuilding, electronics, automobiles, instruments, power supplies, high-speed rail and other industries.

In summary, I believe everyone already understands the characteristics of different types of potting glue. When purchasing, you still need to determine which potting glue is more suitable according to your application field. The most important thing is to choose a guaranteed manufacturer to ensure the stable performance and safety of subsequent product use.

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