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What is the performance of high-power LED thermal conductive silicone grease? How to judge quality?


There are many brands of thermal grease, which can be divided according to raw material formulas and fields of use. Some brands are particularly suitable for use in computer monitors, while others are more suitable for use in high-power electrical appliances. The demand for high-power LED thermal grease is very large in the market. So, what is the performance of high-power LED thermal grease?

What is the performance of high-power LED thermal conductive silicone grease?

1. High-power LED thermal grease has better heat dissipation performance. You can choose the silicone grease that matches it according to the power. The silicone grease will not change due to the environment and power performance during use. As long as you choose the thermal grease that matches it, you can protect the LED. It is safe to use and effectively extends its service life.

2. Secondly, the thermal conductivity of high-power LED lamps cannot be compared with ordinary thermal conductive silicone grease. This type of thermal conductive silicone grease can adapt to high temperatures and will not dry out in an environment with a high temperature of 200 degrees. If you buy a good brand, it will not perform well after many years of use. Changes, such as TENSAN, focus on the research of thermal grease and provide customized thermal grease application solutions. It has a wide range of uses and can be used in new energy, military industry, medical, aviation, shipbuilding, electronics, automobiles, instruments, power supplies, high-speed rail, etc. industry sector.

3. High-power LED thermal conductive silicone grease not only has good thermal conductivity, but also has insulation properties, which can better package the LED lamps for safe use and prevent accidents during use.

How to judge the quality of high-power LED thermal grease?

1. Under normal circumstances, the quality of silicone grease is more guaranteed if you buy it from a good reputation and a big brand.

2. You can also use professional equipment for testing, so that you can clearly judge the quality of the silicone grease.

3. In the absence of professional equipment, the quality can also be judged by measuring the temperature inside the filling gap. If the temperature difference between the two sides is large, it means that the thermal conductivity has increased. However, this monitoring method needs to be judged by professionals, and people who do not understand it are easy to make mistakes in judgment.

The performance of high-power LeDong thermal conductive silicone grease is still good. Users need to make a lot of comparisons when purchasing. Only by purchasing good quality silicone grease can they be used with confidence. Secondly, the usage method cannot be ignored. Only the correct usage method can ensure the full performance of thermal conductive silicone grease.

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