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What is the purpose of applying thermal conductive silicone grease to LED light panels?


As an environmentally friendly and energy-saving lighting tool, Led lamps have attracted much attention due to their small size and low power consumption. The development of the industry is getting better and better, especially in terms of service life. As we all know, if the LED lamp is used continuously for more than 10 hours, if the heat dissipation performance is not good, the lamp panel will be easily burned. Many manufacturers apply thermal conductive silicone grease to LED light panels. What is its function?

What is the function of applying thermal conductive silicone grease to LED light panels?

1. The main function of applying thermal conductive silicone grease to the LED light panel is to extend the service life and ensure the safety of the LED light.

2. Because the heat dissipation of LEDs has become a key issue, and thermal grease has good heat dissipation performance, and good quality can be used in any electrical appliances, such as TENSAN, which focuses on the research of thermal grease and provides customized thermal grease application solutions , has a wide range of uses and can be used in new energy, military industry, medical, aviation, shipbuilding, electronics, automobiles, instruments, power supplies, high-speed rail and other industries. After the LED lamp uses thermal silicone grease, the heat energy generated by the lamp panel can be transferred out in time, ensuring that the temperature of the lamp panel is in a balanced state, and there will be no problems with continuous use.

Will the LED light panel still burn after applying thermal silicone grease?

Led lamps need to transfer the heat energy generated after working for a long time. The main method of transfer is through the radiator. It is difficult to make full contact between the radiator and the aluminum substrate through the previous screw fixation. There will be a slight gap in the middle. Only when these gaps are fully filled can the contact surface be increased and heat flow increased, thereby reducing thermal resistance. Therefore, after the LED light board is coated with thermal conductive silicone grease, there will basically be no problem of heat accumulation and burning of the light board.

However, it is the radiator that mainly plays a role in heat dissipation. As a material that fills gaps, thermal conductive silicone grease has better thermal conductivity and more heat can be exported. At the purchase stage, you need to look for big brands or products with good reputations to use more guaranteed.

Applying thermal grease to Led lamp panels has become the norm in the industry. When purchasing thermal grease, users need to compare not only the price but also the scope of use. Not all brands of thermal grease can be used in LED lamp panels.

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