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Is transparent sealant really transparent? Is the performance diverse? How do the parameters behave after curing?


Different industries have corresponding color requirements when purchasing sealants. Some industries need to use transparent sealant, but they don’t know whether this adhesive is really transparent, let alone whether this product has other properties. Learn more about it and use clear sealant in the right situation.

Is transparent sealant really transparent?

The answer is yes. Transparent sealing glue is composed of AB components and is a transparent liquid before mixing. After the two groups of materials are evenly mixed, they will become a transparent and hard solid. Using this adhesive makes it easier to observe the protected object and find and solve problems in time. You can feel more at ease by cooperating with powerful suppliers, such as TENSAN, which focuses on the research of transparent sealing glue and provides customized transparent sealing glue application solutions. It has a wide range of uses and can be used in new energy, military industry, medical, aviation, shipbuilding, electronics, and automobiles. , instruments, power supplies, high-speed rail and other industries.

Does transparent sealant have many properties?

The viscosity of this adhesive is not high, but the transparency and fluidity are very good. It should be able to meet the requirements of many industries. When pouring, it quickly penetrates into gaps such as electronic components and slowly solidifies when exposed to room temperature. It is waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, pressure-resistant, vibration-resistant, insulating, and very durable.

How do the parameters behave after curing?

Transparent sealant takes four to eight hours to complete initial curing at room temperature. To greatly shorten the curing time, the curing temperature can be increased to 60 degrees. After successful curing, the insulation strength, thermal conductivity, waterproof grade and flame retardant grade are improved, which can almost meet the needs of most industries.

In order to ensure the curing effect and performance of transparent sealant, you might as well spend more time to understand the products of each brand. Comprehensively consider products from different brands and choose the one with higher cost performance. Mix the glue and pour it step by step. When the curing time is up, it will perform its normal performance and protect components, circuit boards and other products.

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