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How should potting glue be used? What should you pay attention to when using potting glue?


In some electronic components, we often see potting glue - potting glue is like a protective shell, which not only isolates the electronic components from corrosion and pollution from the outside world, but also delays the use of electronic components. life. So, how should potting glue be used? What should you pay attention to when using potting glue?

What is potting glue?

First, let’s understand what potting glue is. The so-called potting glue, we can literally see that potting glue is a glue that achieves a certain purpose through pouring and sealing operations. Professionally speaking, the concept of potting glue is a kind of glue that can protect electronic components to a certain extent. After using potting glue, electronic components can ensure stable performance, and at the same time, each electronic component will not interfere with each other.

How should potting glue be used?

First of all, when using potting glue, we should make appropriate proportions; secondly, after the proportioning is completed, we must start using it in a timely manner to ensure that the potting glue can exert good effects; then during the specific use process, The potting compound should be injected slowly to avoid foaming. At the same time, what we need to pay attention to is that in order to avoid allergies that some people may have, we can wear gloves when using them.

What should you pay attention to when using potting glue?

First of all, when we purchase potting glue, we should choose a reliable manufacturer so that the quality of the potting glue is excellent. For example, TENSAN focuses on the research of new foaming agents and provides customized new foaming agent application solutions with a wide range of uses. It can be used in new energy, military industry, medical, aviation, shipbuilding, electronics, automobiles, instruments, power supplies, high-speed rail and other industries; secondly, during use, attention should be paid to the proportion of potting glue and the operating process to ensure safe use.

The above are some precautions about the use of potting glue. Only by using potting glue in a striving way can we truly ensure that electronic components can be used for a longer period of time under the protection of potting glue.

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