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How to store black potting glue? Are there any matters that need attention?


There are many types of potting glue, which can be divided according to raw material components and color. Black potting glue is one of them. The performance of black potting glue is slightly different from that of transparent potting glue. Other properties and operation methods are the same as those of white and gray potting glue.

How to store black potting glue?

1. Black potting glue is a two-component potting glue. When storing, the two raw materials AB need to be stored separately, and the storage environment must be ventilated and dry. If the environment is too humid, a large amount of moisture can easily enter the unopened raw materials, causing the glue properties to change.

2. The storage environment also needs to pay attention to environmental hygiene, and the glue should be placed neatly for easy access. Be careful when handling large-sized packaging barrels to prevent leakage.

3. During the storage stage, the black potting glue can be stored as ordinary chemicals and does not need to be stored according to the storage specifications of dangerous goods.

4. The shelf life of unopened black potting glue is relatively long, generally 6 months. Once it is opened and used up as soon as possible, the unused parts need to be sealed with multiple layers of plastic film, and then the lid is tightened to prevent air from entering and causing the glue to deteriorate.

5. When storing in summer, pay attention to the temperature of the storage warehouse. When the temperature is high, cooling treatment is required. Under ultra-high temperature, the glue will become soft and affect the use.

6. When storing in winter, you need to pay attention to temperature changes. When the storage environment temperature is lower than 0 degrees, heating treatment is required to prevent the glue from losing its bonding performance due to low temperature and affecting the bonding strength after curing.

7. Black potting glue is an adhesive and needs to be stored away from fire sources. Warehouse managers are not allowed to throw cigarette butts or light open flames in the warehouse.

As long as the black potting glue is stored carefully, its performance will remain unchanged during the shelf life. Because of the large amount of usage and wide range of uses, many users like to buy in bulk. It is more secure to cooperate with a company with a good reputation. For example, TENSAN focuses on the research of black potting glue and provides customized black potting glue application solutions. The solution has a wide range of uses and can be used in new energy, military, medical, aviation, shipbuilding, electronics, automobiles, instruments, power supplies, high-speed rail and other industries.

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