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What are the characteristics of LED thermal grease? Why must it be used?


Thermal conductive silicone grease is used in the manufacturing process of LED lamps. Thermal conductive silicone grease is a heat dissipation material. Why is it used in LED lamps? This problem bothers many people. In fact, LED lights include a wide range, not only our common LED advertising lights, but also LED power supplies, LED street lights, LED water drop viewing lights, LED point light sources, LED indoor downlights, LED floodlights, etc. The following is an introduction to you Let’s take a look at why thermal grease is needed in these areas.

What are the characteristics of Led thermal conductive silicone grease?

1. The main feature of Led thermal conductive silicone grease is that it has good thermal conductivity and electrical insulation properties. It is low-volatile during use. The volatile silicone oil will not pollute the LED components and will not affect the light emission. It can still maintain good heat dissipation after many years of use. performance, ensuring that the LED will work for more than 10 hours without heat dissipation problems or burning of the lamp beads.

2. Secondly, LED thermal conductive silicone grease also has properties such as weather aging resistance, water resistance and ozone resistance. It has stable performance during use and will not corrode copper, steel, aluminum and other materials, extending the service life of LEDs and making them safe to use.

3. Led thermal conductive silicone grease is a non-toxic and odorless grease. This grease will not affect the operator's body, solidify, or dry out during use. In particular, it has good temperature resistance and will not flow or separate oil at high temperatures. However, you need to know the temperature resistance index before construction and cannot be used in areas that exceed the temperature resistance index.

Is it necessary to use Led thermal conductive silicone grease?

According to the current electrical safety performance requirements and insulation and heat dissipation indicators, LED thermal grease must be used, and products with good quality and good reputation must be used, such as TENSAN, which focuses on the research of thermal grease and provides customized thermal grease applications. solution. LED lights that do not use LED thermal grease are prone to various safety hazards during use. For the sake of user safety, such products cannot undergo safety monitoring and cannot be introduced into the market through formal channels.

Led thermal grease is used in the same way as ordinary thermal grease. It can only be applied between the heating element and the heat dissipation facility. Whether it is coating or potting, the construction thickness needs to be mastered, so as to show good heat dissipation performance.

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