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Is the method of applying thermal grease important? What problems are likely to occur if the operation is not standardized?


Thermal silicone grease is a kind of heat dissipation material. The specific heat dissipation "mission" still relies on the radiator. Thermal silicone grease is mainly used to fill gaps, so that the radiator and the heating element are in full contact, showing better heat dissipation effect. Thermal silicone grease serves as a "bridge" between the radiator and the heating element. The application method cannot be ignored, otherwise it will have no effect.

What are the tips for applying thermal grease?

1. The instructions for thermal conductive silicone grease need to be read carefully before construction. Theoretically, according to the concept of lighter and thinner, the grease needs to be evenly applied during construction. Where there are bubbles, it should be squeezed out to prevent degassing in the vacuum cabinet.

2. The method of applying thermal grease is very important. You can use professional tools, such as scrapers, disposable gloves or syringe-type thermal grease. The excess silicon grease on the edges can be wiped clean with paper towels or dust-free cloth at any time to avoid Contaminate surrounding electrical components.

What problems are likely to occur if the thermal conductive silicone grease is not used in a standardized manner?

1. During the construction of thermally conductive silicone grease, the silicone grease spilled around the base material was not removed. During the operation of the electrical appliance, the silicone oil in the silicone grease will be slightly separated. The separated silicone oil will contaminate the relay and cause electrical connection.

2. When constructing thermal conductive silicone grease, the construction requirements and specifications are not well understood, and the thickness is uneven. Such silicone grease, no matter how good its quality is, cannot show the expected heat dissipation performance.

3. When applying thermal conductive silicone grease, in addition to controlling the uniform thickness and lightness, pay attention to whether there are gaps in the base material that have not been applied to small areas. If these areas are not filled with silicone grease, air will be mixed in and reduce the thermal conductivity.

Thermal conductive silicone grease is widely used. Good-quality products can not only be used in CPUs, but also in household appliances, communication equipment, integrated lights, sensors, automotive electronics, water heaters, etc., such as TENSAN, which specializes in thermal conductive silicone grease. Research and provide customized thermal grease application solutions. When purchasing, just purchase the matching thermal grease according to the thermal conductivity index required by the electrical appliance.

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