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Adhesives company TENSAN successfully exhibited at the 29th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition


Adhesives company TENSAN successfully exhibited at the 29th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

Guangzhou, China - During the four-day 29th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, SHENZHEN TENSANVCO.,LTD a leading company in the adhesives industry, displayed its latest products and innovative technologies, attracting the attention of many industry experts and customers. The exhibition not only provided TENSAN with a platform to demonstrate its technical strength, but also strengthened the company's connection with global customers.

Exhibition Highlights

TENSAN displayed a number of innovative adhesive products at the exhibition, including high-performance encapsulation materials for LED lighting, electronic product bonding solutions, and environmentally friendly adhesives. These products not only demonstrated TENSAN's deep technical accumulation in the field of materials science, but also reflected the company's commitment to sustainable development and environmental responsibility.

Industry Exchange and Cooperation

During the exhibition, TENSAN not only displayed its products, but also actively participated in industry exchange activities. The company had in-depth exchanges with customers and partners from all over the world and explored the possibility of future cooperation. TENSAN's technical experts also shared the current technical trends and market needs of the adhesive industry, enhancing interaction and cooperation with other companies in the industry.

Looking to the future

Through the successful participation in the Guangya Exhibition, TENSAN has further consolidated its leading position in the adhesive industry. The company said it will continue to be committed to technological innovation and product optimization to meet the needs of global customers and promote the sustainable development of the entire industry.

TENSAN's participation in the exhibition not only brought new business opportunities to the company, but also strengthened its connection with global customers, laying a solid foundation for future market expansion and technical cooperation. With the successful conclusion of the exhibition, TENSAN looks forward to working with more partners to create a bright future for the adhesive industry.

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