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Adhesive company TENSAN successfully delivers potting glue order to Brazilian customer


TENSAN, a leading company in the adhesive industry, recently announced that it has successfully completed the delivery of potting glue order to an important Brazilian customer on schedule. This achievement not only demonstrates TENSAN's strong competitiveness in the global market, but also strengthens its business layout in the South American market.

Order details

It is reported that the potting glue products involved in the order are mainly used for potting of LED power supplies, with excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance and electrical insulation properties. TENSAN ensures that the performance and quality of the products fully meet customer requirements through its advanced production technology and strict quality control process.

Production and delivery process

To meet the urgent needs of Brazilian customers, TENSAN quickly adjusted its production plan and optimized logistics arrangements. The efficient collaboration within the company and the flexibility of supply chain management have greatly shortened the entire production cycle and ensured the timely delivery of orders. TENSAN also provides detailed product usage guidance and technical support to help customers better apply these potting glue products.

Market impact

This successful delivery not only enhances TENSAN's brand influence in the Brazilian market, but also lays a solid foundation for the company to further expand the South American market. TENSAN said it will continue to be committed to technological innovation and customer service to meet the growing needs of global customers.

Future Outlook

Looking ahead, TENSAN plans to increase investment in R&D and market expansion, especially in emerging markets such as Brazil. The company believes that by continuing to provide high-quality products and services, it will be able to further consolidate its leadership in the global adhesive industry.

TENSAN's successful delivery of the potting glue order for Brazilian customers not only reflects the company's production capacity and service level, but also demonstrates an important step in its globalization strategy. As the global market continues to expand, TENSAN is expected to continue to maintain its industry leadership and provide customers with more high-quality products and solutions.

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